How To Create UPI Payment Link?

What is UPI ID?

UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface.

With UPI ID customers and merchants can easily send and receive payments. Create your UPI ID through popular apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM, and many more.

UPI Ids usually look like this.

  • samir@oksbi
  • 9876543210@ybl

samir represents your name, mobile number or email. On the other hand, @ part indicates your bank provider

What is upi payment link?

UPI payment link is a seamless way of accepting UPI payments with a single link.
It supports any UPI enabled application.

Tired of the hassle of sharing UPI payment details every time you need to receive money? Our UPI payment link generator simplifies the process.

Whether you're collecting payments for goods or services, this tool makes it effortless. No more back-and-forth with UPI IDs and amounts.

Just head to getupilink, generate your payment link, and share it with anyone you need to receive money from. What's more, you have the flexibility to set an amount or let the payer decide. It's convenient, efficient, and best of all, it's free.

Steps to create UPI link

In order to create the upi links, head to getupilink.

Get your UPI payment link from different UPI providers like PhonePe, GooglePay, BHIM app.

How to find UPI ID in PhonePe?

  1. Open your PhonePe app.
  2. Head over to profile section by clicking on the user icon on the left side.
  3. Scroll down and click on UPI Settings option.
  4. You will see different UPI IDS. Press and hold on the UPI ID you want to select.

How to find UPI ID in BHIM app?

  1. Go into your BHIM application.
  2. Click on the round user icon beside your name.
  3. See the list of UPI IDS by selecting Manage UPI ID.
  4. Copy your ID by clicking on copy icon.

After obtaining your UPI ID, simply input it along with the amount you wish to receive.

If you're not specifying an amount, you can skip this step. Click the Process button to proceed.

Congratulations! Your unique UPI link has been successfully generated. You can access your UPI QR code/payment link using the provided URL.

When the payer clicks the Pay Now button, it will prompt them to open their preferred UPI application. Alternatively, they can conveniently scan the QR code.

Share your UPI link with others and start accepting payments hassle-free.

You can easily download the UPI QR code in various image formats using this tool. This makes it convenient for adding it to your website or any other platform where you need it.

What are some limitations of UPI payment link?

When generating your UPI link, please note that while QR codes work seamlessly with both personal and merchant UPI IDs, payment links might encounter limitations when using personal UPI IDs.

However, you can rely on the QR code functionality which operates smoothly regardless of your UPI ID type. Simply share the QR code with your payers, and they can effortlessly complete the transaction using their preferred UPI application.

Is it safe to use UPI link?

Using UPI links is totally safe because we don't handle the payment process ourselves.

Think of us as guides who direct users to their UPI apps. We don't get involved in the nitty-gritty of transactions.

We just ensure users reach the right place to make their payments securely.

What are some of the use cases of UPI Link?

UPI Links can be used with any UPI supported application. From neighborhood general stores to charitable NGOs and online platforms, these links can be used anywhere.