URL To QR Code Generator

Easily create a QR code for a link. Download QR in different image formats.

Steps to create URL QR Code

1. Enter your URL

Enter desired URL to generate QR Code

2. Generate QR Code

QR Code will be generated based on your URL.

3. Download QR Code

Dowbload generated QR code in different formats like JPEG, PNG, SVG, WEBP.

Where URL QR generator can be used ?

Create QR Codes from URLs easily. Our tool turns any web link into a scannable QR code quickly. URL to QR code generator can be used in numerous practical applications like marketing campaigns, events, education and many more.

Marketing Campaigns

Embed QR codes in promotional materials like brochures, posters, or direct mail pieces to direct customers to a specific webpage, product page, or special offer.

Event Promotion

At conferences, trade shows, or events, distribute QR codes that lead attendees to event schedules, speaker profiles, or registration forms.

Education and Training

Use QR codes in educational settings to quickly access online resources, training modules, or quizzes.

Retail and E-commerce

Place QR codes near products in stores to allow customers to instantly view detailed product descriptions, reviews, or pricing online.

Real Estate

Real estate agents can use QR codes on property listings to provide virtual tours, detailed property descriptions, or contact information

Non-profit Fundraising

Non-profits can use QR codes on donation envelopes or banners to direct donors to their online donation pages, volunteer sign-up forms, or event registration.

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